Renting Out Your Home @ RCE

The River Canyon Estates Declaration of Protective Covenants (CCRs) place certain limits and restrictions on an Owner’s ability to rent or lease their home and establishes certain documentation and approval requirements for each rental or lease agreement (See: Fifth Amendment to Declaration of Protective Covenants for River Canyon Estates). These requirements are provided, below.


  1. Written Rental agreements required. There is a written rental or ease agreement specifying that: (i) the tenant shall be subject to all provisions of the Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, and (ii) failure to comply with any provision of the Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations shall constitute a default under the rental agreement.
  2. Minimum Rental Period. The period of the rental or lease is not less than thirty (30) days; and
  3. Tenant Must Be Given Documents, The Owner gives each tenant a copy of the Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.
  4. Owner Responsibility. Owner shall be responsible for any violations by tenants and shall be solely responsible for either correcting or eliminating such violations, or getting tenant to do same.
  5. Limitation/Cap Regarding Investment Property. At any given time, Investment Property shall not make up greater than twenty-five percent (25%) of the total Lots located within River Canyon Estates. Occupancy of Investment Property shall be limited to the tenant, such tenant’s visitors and guests. At least fifteen (15) days prior to entering into any rental or lease agreement, an Owner must notify the Board of Directors in writing of such Owner’s intent, the name and address of the proposed tenant and the circumstances of the proposed rental arrangement. If the Board of Directors finds that such proposed tenancy will not exceed the limitation on Investment Property described in the first sentence of this subsection and otherwise is not detrimental to the Association and River Canyon Estates, the Board of Directors will approve such tenancy. Provided, however such tenants shall always be under the control of and subject to all provisions of the declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. At any time during the tenancy, the Board of Directors may cause the termination of such tenancy and evict such tenants for cause with or without joining the Owner of such Lot/Home in any such action.


All Owners of Rental Property are responsible to ensure their rental/lease agreements comply with these requirements.


Please remember: Short term rentals of less than 30 days are NEVER allowed within River Canyon Estates.

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